In 1987, CWIT developed and launched a pre-apprenticeship training program – the Technical Opportunities Program (TOP) – in an effort to level the playing field for aspiring tradeswomen.  The program is designed to help women to excel on aptitude tests, select opportunities appropriate to their interests and abilities, build physical strength and gain the basic skills needed to be competitive candidates for registered apprenticeship and employment in the construction sector.

While common barriers such low math skills, limited work experience, lack of access to transportation and lack of knowledge of sector opportunities previously prevented many marginalized workers access to high-wage, high-growth career pathways, pre-apprenticeship training programs have successfully demonstrated that these obstacles can be overcome when coordinated training and support is provided to women.

To access all of the tools and instruction materials you need to replicate the TOP program model, start here and follow the guide on the sidebar to download math and test preparation, basic construction skills, workplace readiness and physical conditioning curriculum and as well as administrative materials.  Also included in this section are a range of other resources, including the Adding a Gender Lens curriculum, created to supplement North America’s Building Trades Unions Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (c4) model.   This curriculum includes all materials required to deliver training modules intended to improve the effectiveness of co-ed pre-apprenticeship programs in serving women.   Also listed is In for a Change, TOP’s original curriculum guide.