Assessing the Results

Okay, so what do you do with this information?  Women will fall into essentially four categories: 1) those that have the test scores, interview skills and hands on experience to bypass training and apply directly to apprenticeship programs, 2) those whose results indicate that they will be successful candidates upon completion of the training program, 3) those that need to resolve barriers or improve in some area prior to enrollment in the program, and 4) those that are not a good fit for your program or the industry in general.

A good percentage of job ready applicants may elect to participate in the program rather than enter the industry directly, primarily to build confidence in their skills, connect to other aspiring tradeswomen, and learn more about the opportunities available to them.   For others, connection with a mentor from the trade they are seeking may meeting those needs and, in any case, candidates benefit from case management and job placement assistance and are included in preparatory activities and other opportunities to network with tradeswomen.   If you have the staff available, it is also worthwhile to provide guidance and stay connected to women who, with study or support services, may be excellent candidates for a future class.