Physical Conditioning Schedule

Materials for physical conditioning class

  • Free weights
  • Exercise mats
  • Steps
  • Exertubes
  • Hand Grips
  • Balance equipment

Week One (second week of class)

  • Provide students with an overview of the physical requirement of the trades, having them take turns lifting and carrying building materials such as block.
  • Using results from the fitness evaluation conducted at assessment, assist participants in developing long and short term fitness goals.
  • Introduce students to exercises focusing on cardio-respiratory fitness, including stairs and step aerobics

Week Two

  • Continue cardio work-outs

Week Three

  • Introduce strength training exercises – demonstrating proper use of exertubes and lifting technique.
  • Combine aerobics and strength training

Week Four

  • Continue mix of cardio and strength training exercises.
  • Focus on nutrition, including reading labels and managing weight.

Week Five

  • Focus on flexibility, including pilates and yoga stretches.
  • Continue cardio and strength trainer work-outs.

Week Six

  • Focus on positive motivation, priorities and body image – I.A.M. – It’s about me
  • Continue cardio, strength and flexibility exercises.

Week Seven

  • Continue cardio, strength and flexibility exercises
  • Mid-term evaluation

Week Eight (transition to workshop)

  • Introduce physical fitness assessment requirements for selected trades.
  • Have students attempt to lift required weights (in milk crates) and measure hand strength in terms of pounds of pressure.
  • Incorporate hand grips into cardio, strength and flexibility work-outs.

Week Nine

  • Introduce balance exercise – have students walk a square frame – 2’ to 4’ off the ground.  Have students act as spotters for their classmates.
  • Incorporate into regular work-outs.

Week Ten through Twelve

  • Continue mix of cardio, strength, flexibility and balance exercise with focus on increasing weights and number of repetitions.

Week Thirteen

  • Administer fitness assessment to gauge progress.
  • Assist students in evaluating their success in meeting short term goals.
  • Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle after class.