Physical Conditioning Overview

Throughout the 12 week course, students participate in physical training two days per week for one hour each day.   Fitness is clearly a prerequisite for a successful apprentice who, as the least expensive and least skilled member of the crew, will be responsible for most of the material handling and other physical labor.  The fitness component of the program is designed to help the student develop a regular exercise routine which they can incorporate into their lives.  The class is taught by a skilled aerobics and weight trainer with an emphasis on building upper body strength and stamina to meet the requirements of the job site and flexibility, to avoid injuries.


weightliftingBy the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Show gains is strength, muscle tone, and balance.
  • Use the proper muscles to lift, carry and do heavy work.
  • Recognize the importance of nutrition and gain insights into a healthy diet.
  • Know simple, fast exercises for stretching.
  • Know the use of ice and heat for injuries.
  • Have a selection of exercises to use to keep in shape.