Physical Assessment Overview

Physical fitness is clearly essential to the success of an apprentice in the construction industry and, while high levels of fitness are not required to participate in the Technical Opportunities, which includes a physical conditioning class, the willingness to engage in physical activity is an important indication of whether or not the applicant will do the work necessary to prepare for and/or perform physical work.

The assessment, available through this website, tests strength and endurance through basic calisthenics, such as sit-ups, and through exercises intended to mimic work experiences on a construction site, such as climbing ladders, walking a beam, and carrying 50lbs.

Applicants are scored from 0, for not trying at all, to 3 for completing everything required of that exercise. The overall score is recorded on the candidate rating sheet and calculated as part of the interview score. An extremely low score of 0 or 1 would be discussed during the interview and, depending on the circumstance, could impact their acceptance into the program. Otherwise, this is primarily a self-assessment, helping applicants to evaluate whether or not they are ready for a physical job.