Construction Contractors


Contractors are essential partners in building equity for women in construction careers and expanding the labor pool to meet the future workforce needs of the industry. As experienced tradespeople retire and the pool of traditional candidates shrinks, contractors that are successful in building a skilled and diverse workforce will be able to attract and retain the best talent and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Women’s participation in the industry has remained at less than 3% for decades and research shows that lack of equitable access to employment and advancement opportunities remains the critical issue impacting women’s retention in the trades. In fact, a recent survey conducted in partnership with the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, revealed that only 51% of respondents had worked nine months or more in the previous year and that many considered leaving their careers as a result.

Our goal is to support you in providing women with the opportunity to work, learn and grow with your company, becoming integrated into the core work crews you rely on from project to project.  This site can help by providing the guidance and tools you need to effectively recruit and develop talented tradeswomen.  For additional support, please contact us a